Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy Valetine's Day!
I thought I would do a post about the things I love, so here it goes (in no particular order).

* Abhi's giggles
* Fiona's gummy smile
* Watching American Idol with Jim
* Long, hot bubble baths all by myself
* The smell of my pillow
* A really good book, preferably very long and involved with a twist of the supernatural and part of a series (any suggestions are welcome....I need something new)
* Red Bull
* Homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk
* Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream with Hershey's chocolate sauce
* Shopping at Target
* Cuddling with Abhi on the couch
* Breastfeeding Fiona and watching her put her hand over her face or play with her foot
* When I pick Abhi up from the babysitter and she says "Mommy!" and jumps in my arms and gives me a big hug
* Reading blogs
* Johnny Depp
* Going to the park on a beautiful sunny day
* Watching a really good movie
* Current TV shows: Lost, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy,
* Past TV show: Friends, Alias, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City
* Jim's arms around me
* Conversations with my mother
* Listening to my Dad's stories
* Playing cards with my family
* Making new friends
* Learning new things
* Nag Champa incense
* A clean house

Ok! Whew! That took a while and I am sure I will think of more after I post this, but I really need some breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Now, what do you love?


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