Thursday, January 25, 2007
4 month checkup
I took Fiona to her 4 month checkup today. She is really almost 5 months, but her original appointment was rescheduled because of the ice storm last week. I took her to the doctor that Jim and I see instead of the pediatrician. I wanted to see how it went because I think it would be better if the whole family saw the same doctor. Anyway, it went really well. She is healthy, robust, and cute as hell. Everyone was falling all over themselves every time she smiled. I really like all the doctors and nurses there. So, here's her current stats:

15 lbs 12 oz (she was 8 lb 1 oz at birth)
24 inches long (she was 20 inches at birth)

They didn't measure her head or calculate the percentiles, which I was kinda glad. Abhi has always been in the 35-40th percentile and Fiona was in the 75 percentile at her 2 month checkup. As long as they are both healthy and doing well, there really is no need for the other stats in my opinion.

We didn't do any shots this time. She hasn't had any so far, but we will probably start with some at her 6 month appointment. My mom has sent me all kinds of vaccine information and I want a chance to look it all over before I decide which ones she will get and which ones we won't.

Ok, so just to wrap up, here is a picture of Abhi with ponytails (which lasted about 0.00005 seconds after the picture was taken. She looks so cute, I wish she would keep them in a little longer.

I don't have any new pictures of Fiona. I will try to take some of her tonight if she is in a smiley mood.


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