Sunday, March 04, 2007
Back again...
We went to visit my parents this weekend and had lots of fun. It was my mom's birthday so we went to the zoo and out to dinner on Saturday. The weekend was full of Abhi tantrums, but we had giggles, cuddles, and fun times too.

My dad has the same camera that I want to buy, so I got a chance to try it out this weekend and got some really nice shots. First, I played around with different settings and took a bunch of pictures of Fiona.

Here are a couple that I took at the zoo also. Jim and I both worked at this zoo (at different times) and we actually met while he was working there.

A young male tiger who was very playful.

A cute little monkey that Abhi loved.

Sleeping jaguar.

This little grey fox is named Bullet. He was there when I worked at the zoo during high school and when Jim worked there a few years later. He liked to ride around on your shoulders while you cleaned the exhibit.

Vampire bats. Yes, that is blood. Cow's blood. Nasty stuff.

Burmese python - very big.

I love this camera! The pictures came out really rich and sharp. I can't wait to order mine! Well, that's all for tonight. I am going out of town for work tomorrow for the day, so I will try to post my "Best Shot Monday" when I get back if I am not too tired. I saved a really sweet picture of Fiona and one of Abhi for that post. Night-night!


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You had my dream job!!

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