Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Today is my Due Date
Whoopee! I really don't expect anything to happen today and honestly I really don't want anything to happen today. My mother-in-law is flying back from Wisconsin today and spending the night. I am hoping she will leave in the morning and go back to Victoria. She has the next week off of work and she wants me to have the baby during that time so she can come help out (I'll just schedule the birth around her schedule....yeah right). I don't mind her coming to help for a couple of days after the baby is born, I just don't want her here during labor/birth or the first couple days afterwards. Last time was a nightmare....she is a nurse and wanted to help with stitching up my tears, making comments about how bruised I was, and more....I just don't need that or want that this time. I want some peace and quiet with just me, the baby, Jim, and Abhi for a few days so we can all bond and adjust before the rest of the family descends. That goes for my family too, not just MIL.

Abhi is at the babysitter's house today, so I am using my free time to get the house clean and ready and then I think I will read a book.


Blogger mamamilkers said...

Come on, baby! I can't wait to hear about the birth :) I've been checking in every day for the good news!

Yeah, in general I think it's a good idea to keep MIL's away for a few days. Stay home snuggled up with your family.

Blogger New Mama's Nest said...

Just discovered your blog (AP Mama). Good luck with your delivery! I hope that baby doesn't keep you waiting to long :)

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