Tuesday, September 05, 2006
More thoughts for today
Jim and I went to the chiropractor last night (she also happens to be my cousin). Before we left she did muscle testing and asked the pendelum about the sex of the baby. She asked the question 4 different ways and got the same answer each time - boy!

Ever since I started showing, people have said this baby is a boy. Every random person on the street I come across asks if it is a boy or tells me its a boy when I say I don't know the gender. I think a total of 2 people have thought it's a girl. I'll be happy either way, but it will be really interesting if it does turn out to be a boy!

She also mentioned that there is a lunar eclipse on Thursday, so if the baby hasn't been born yet, then it will probably happen then. That would be neat to have a child born during an eclipse. I really need to get both kids' astrological charts done after the baby is born.

I kept having contractions all day today, but nothing has gotten more regular or painful. I called the midwife to let her know what's going on and she said active labor could start in a few hours or it could be another couple days. Either way, it will be soon. She also said that every contraction I have now is one less contraction I will have in active labor. This will also help my labor to be shorter and have less pushing, so at least some progress is being made!


Blogger mamamilkers said...

Oooo, how exciting! It sounds like I had a similar pattern of ctx to you-- no one was even sure I was in labor until I hit transition :) I hope you continue to have an easy labor!

Have you picked out boys names? It will be neat to find out what you end up having!!!! I'll be checking back several times a day to find out if the babe has arrived!!!

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