Thursday, September 14, 2006
Settling In

2006-09-07 004
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Well, we are adjusting to being a family of 4. Fiona had a couple days of jaundice and its clearing up now. She didn't need the lights or anything. The midwife said it was probably a incompatibility between her blood type and mine instead of the newborn jaundice. We got her bilirubin levels checked and they were really low, almost normal, even though her skin looked pretty orange (you can see that in the picture).

She is a very good baby and only cries when she's hungry or needs a diaper change. So far, she is sleeping pretty well and nursing like a champ! She is a very sweet, calm baby. Abhi is adjusting pretty well and we have only had a couple meltdowns when she wants to be cuddled up with me where I am holding Fiona.

I am hopefully going to write up my birth story soon and post it. I will try to do that tomorrow since Abhi will be at the babysitter's and it will just be me and Fiona most of the day.


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