Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Look what I got....

And guess who likes to snuggle down in Mommy's boobies and go to sleep (with NO crying) and let Mommy get some hands! free! stuff done in the evenings??

I love it! And I love my little snuggler! And I am loving the no crying! I hope it continues to work so well.


Blogger Wendi said...

do you like that one better than the slings?
my friend likes the pouches best. but i like the sling cause I can tighten it easier than the pouch.

Blogger Austin Mama said...

Fiona seems to like this better since she is upright and can look around. I tried both a ring sling and pouch but she HATED them. The ring sling worked ok while she was a newborn, but once she could hold her head up, she wanted to be upright and checking everything out.

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