Friday, January 12, 2007
Baby pictures...yay!
To lighten the mood a bit from the last post....I will share some new pictures!

We took Abhi to the park last weekend and she had a blast sliding on the slide. It was really cool and dry that day so every time she slide down the slide, you could hear the static popping. When we touched her to help her up, we got shocked every time. She got tired of that pretty quickly.

Fiona is 4 months old now and really holding up her head well while on her belly. She can almost sit up unassisted and is grabbing everything in reach and sticking it in her mouth. It won't be long until she's crawling. She was very restless and didn't sleep well last night which is unusual for her. I think she is on the brink of figuring out something new. She's working it out in her head and I am sure we will be seeing a developmental leap soon.

This next picture is of her in her Becca Bottoms pocket diaper. I love the orange tie dye, so cute! Who knew cloth diapering could be so much fun. I have some more BumGenious diapers coming (hopefully today!) and I have a stash of Kool Aid waiting to dye them with. I have a few more prefolds to dye as well. Hopefully I can get to Walmart this weekend and get a tie dye kit.

Jim and I have been working hard to clear out all of the junk and clutter in our apartment and its coming along well. I have a few more things to get out of the living room, our bedroom has been rearranged, and the kitchen is much improved. We also sorted through a lot of Abhi's toys and picked out the ones she doesn't play with anymore. Before and after pictures are coming soon!

In the process of cleaning stuff out, we realized that we actually need to buy a couple things like a coffee table and a little table for Abhi and possibly a new bedframe for our bed. So, we are heading up to Ikea this weekend. I have been to the one in Houston and its a lot of fun. They just opened one in Round Rock, so we are excited about checking it out. That's all for now...I really need to get some work done before I go pick up the kids!


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