Friday, January 19, 2007
Fairy there a happy ending???
Once upon a time, I had a sweet little Sleeping Beauty. I would carry her in my arms for a little while and she would drop off to sleep happily sucking on her binkie. I would lay her down on the bed and she would sleep until I went to bed. I would change her diaper, maybe waking her up, maybe not. If she woke, she nursed for a few minutes and went right back to sleep. The little princess would sleep until around 4 am, nurse, and then go back to sleep until it was time to get up at 7:00 am.

This little Sleeping Beauty has been replaced by a screaming banshee. Every evening at bedtime, I must pace for hours sometimes to get my little princess to sleep. If I stop moving, the screaming starts. Sometimes she screams while I walk....and walk...and walk. I try mylicon, burping, singing, bouncing, you name it. She finally falls asleep, but as soon as I lay her down she wakes up again and we start.all.over.again. She then goes on to wake up several times during the night, grunting, restless, every few hours.

I am so incredibly fucking FRUSTRATED! Grrrrr.....

I think she is probably on the verge of some developmental milestone along with a growth spurt, and a dash of colic thrown in, just for added excitement. *Sigh*

On top of that, Abhi seems to like to jump in too, so when I get Fiona to sleep, Abhi wakes up, then Abhi goes to sleep and Fiona wakes up. It's enough to reduce me to tears and hair pulling.

Poor Jim tries to help, but if he takes Fiona she just cries louder. Same thing with Abhi. Fiona has her 4 month checkup next week and I plan to ask the doctor about Fiona's evening screaming. Her appt was supposed to be this week, but got rescheduled because of the ice storm. I also bought "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" book to read.

Ugh, Fiona is awake. Gotta go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Blogger mamamilkers said...

No advice, I'm right there with you, though . . .

Blogger Wendi said...

I am having sleep issues, too.
babies suck when they don't sleep. (OK, sometimes they suck when they are sleeping.)
I bought the no cry sleep solution book, too. It was a lot of trouble!!! I gave up after 3 days. Now, i just live with it.

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