Friday, December 01, 2006
Back on the Blog Wagon
Ok, so I realized today that it has been a whole MONTH since I updated my blog. So, I am back and life has settled down again into a semi-regular routine.

Let's see....I guess I will start with an update on the girly girls.

Abhi's birthday was on Wednesday so she is 2 now! Happy Birthday sweetie! My mom and MIL came up here on Saturday to have a late Thanksgiving (MIL had to work on the actual day of Thanksgiving) and we had a family b'day party after we ate. Abhi loved everything about it - the hat, the cake, and of course opening her presents. Jim and I got her a little stovetop set that was a big hit. My mom got her a My First Leap Pad and MIL got her some really cute Dora clothes. Tomorrow I am having another party for her and all of her friends.

Fiona is doing great also. She will be 3 months old on the 6th. Time really flies with these little ones! She is already wearing 3-6 month clothes and weighs around 12-13 pounds. She is already wearing size medium cloth diapers! She is smiling and cooing and recently discovered her hands and plays with them all the time.

As for me, I started a new job this week. I am still doing environmental consulting, but this company is letting me work from home! More on this later. I have a conference call scheduled in about 5 minutes, so I need to wrap this up!


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