Sunday, December 31, 2006
Catching Up
A lot has happened since my last post and life has been busy, busy, busy! So, where to start....

New Job
My new job has been going well. I love working at home, I just have to make sure I stay focused on work and not get distracted by dirty dishes, laundry, and other things that need to be done around the house. Sometimes I take 10-15 minutes and do a whirlwind cleanup where I pick everything up off the floor and stuff it in closets or Abhi's room, so I don't have to look at it.

Breastfeeding, Doctors, and Birth Control
I also have to remember to pump 3 times a day while the kids are gone. I hate pumping with a red hot passion, but I am determined that I will keep breastfeeding Fiona for as long as I can. I stopped at around 6 months with Abhi due to a combination of a nursing strike on her part, and a fast declining supply on my part. It's going better this time with Fiona and she seems to have an easier time going back and forth between breast and bottle. She does get 1 bottle of formula a day while at the babysitter since I haven't been able to pump enough. Her 4 month checkup is coming up soon and I plan on taking her to our family doctor instead of the pediatrician and see how that goes. I really like my doctor and last time I saw him I asked about bring the kids there and he agreed it would be better for all if we were treated as a family by the same doctor. I like that idea, so I will give it a try. Since I am already noticing a decline in my milk supply, I am going to ask him about my options to help keep it up. I also need to figure out a birth control plan until Jim can get the big V. Since the return of AF last week, I really want to make sure I don't get pregnant!

We had a good Christmas. We went to Jim's mom's house on Christmas Eve and came back home on Christmas afternoon. My parents came over on Christmas Eve and we had dinner and opened presents. I could write a whole post on the strangeness that is my MIL, but will have to save it for another time. Abhi got a ton of presents and she had a blast opening them. The biggest hit was the playdoh that we got her. She asks to play with her "colors" every 5 minutes it seems. We forgot our camera, so I have to wait for my mom to upload hers before I post any. The visit was short, but if we had stayed any longer Jim and I might have lost it, so it was the perfect amount of time. (Like I said, I will post again all about my MIL then you will understand).

Yesterday was Jim and I's 6th wedding anniversary and our 9th year since we met and started dating. We were planning a big night out, but none of our babysitters called us back. It would probably help in the future if we called more than a day in advance, especially around the holidays. Heh...totally my fault. Maybe we will try again in a couple week and have a late celebration.

Abhi and Fiona
The girls are doing well. Fiona giggled for the first time at my mom's house the weekend before Christmas. She's done it a couple of times since and it always surprises me. I LOVE baby giggles. I keep trying to record it, but as soon as she is in the giggling mood and I run get the camera, she just stares intensely at the camera trying to figure out what the hell it is and why mommy is holding it up and making stupid noises. She is also holding her head up very well while on her belly. It won't be long until she is pushing up and rolling over. *Sigh* On one hand, I can't wait for her to reach each milestone, especially crawling. Then again, since she is our last baby, I just want her to stay a little baby for longer. Ok, ready for pictures????

Abhi at my Mom's house the weekend before Christmas. My nephew is in the background looking for faery treasures.

Fiona enjoying from my MIL. She hasn't been much into toys until she got a hold of this thing. It is easy for her to grab, and she has so much fun with it.

I was attempting to get a good picture of the girls together, both looking smiley and happy (you know the PERFECT & CUTE picture). When you tell Abhi to smile, this is what you get. It is actually pretty cute. She does this thing now, where she comes up with a big smile on her face and points to it and says "Look mama, I happy!"

Ok, that's all for now. I promise, promise, promise that I will try to update more often. Maybe the next post will be all about my Mormon (possibly closet lesbian but doesn't know it) MIL. Heh, that got your attention, right?


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I, too, hate pumping with a red hot passion. I love your terminology!

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