Monday, March 26, 2007
MBSM - March 26th
Here is my best shot for today. Abhi just learned how to blow bubbles, and she had a blast.

For more "best shots" visit Tracey over at Picture This.

Things are crazy at work this week and Fiona is working on her second tooth, so my posting may be a bit sparse for a while. On the plus side, Abhi slept in her own bed ALL night last night, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will continue! Of course, I got up 5 times for Fiona, but it was still nice to come back to our bed and have a little room to stretch out. Jim said he slept better than he had in a long time. Both girls went to sleep tonight will minimal crying (on Fiona's part) and jumping around (on Abhi's part) so it is shaping up to be another good night.


Blogger mollybeesmamma said...

I feel for you in the tooth dept! Molly is working on #'s 5 & 6 as we speak! That combined with crawling, I don't think she has ever slept this crappily. She's catching up now though with a 2-hour BEAUTIFUL nap!

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