Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Virginia Tech
I have been watching the coverage of the horrible tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech yesterday, like the rest of the world. My heart goes out to all the students, faculty, and families of everyone there.

I was a student at Texas A&M when the bonfire fell and killed 12 students. I remember the shock, grief, and anger that we felt at the time over losing our classmates and friends. I will never forget that day...the sounds of the news helicopters flying over the campus...the eerie silence when they were using the listen devices to try to determine if anyone else was alive in the pile of logs...the candlelight vigil...signs posted across campus to call your family...the frantic calls to and from family members....all the memories have come flooding back from that time.

The events that happened at Virginia Tech and Texas A&M are not the same. One was the work of a disturbed individual and the other was a terrible accident. But I can relate somewhat to the feelings of shock, sadness, grief, and confusion that everyone at Virginia Tech are feeling.


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