Monday, April 09, 2007
MBSM - April 9
How was your Easter? Ours was filled with green snot, wet coughs, rain, and temperatures in the 40s. Needless to say, we didn't do much. I still got some pretty cute pictures of the girls playing together. So, here is my best shot for this week. To see others best shots, visit Tracey over at Picture This.

I took Abhi to the doctor this morning since she has a pretty nasty cough. She had RSV when she was 3 weeks old, so I am always concerned when she gets a cough. She was a complete angel at the doctor. She let them weigh and measure her, look in her ears, nose and throat, and listen to her heart and breathing. She answered most of the questions they asked. The last couple of times she has gone in for checkups, she cried, screamed, and refused to do anything, so this is a huge improvement.

So, the diagnosis was normal kid-virus-cold-no antibiotics needed. Pretty much a waste of the $40 co-pay, but I just wanted to make sure her lungs sounded clear. If she gets worse over the next couple of days, he asked me to call him, so we are keeping an eye on her. She is staying home with me today and as long as she isn't getting worse, she will go back to the babysitter tomorrow while I work. Fiona is sick too, but she just has a runny nose and no cough - yet. Abhi got a teddy bear and lots of stickers from the doctor and is currently chilling on the couch watching Happy Feet.


Blogger christinator said...

Poor sick girlies! They are still adorable, though. Sending get well soon vibes your way...

Blogger tracey said...

It's amamzing that you can get good shots even when they are sick, isn't it?? Hope they are on the mend soon!

Blogger carrie said...

ahhh! they are some cute little sicky girls!! i hope they are feeling better soon!

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