Monday, April 23, 2007
MBSM - April 23
I actually have two Best Shots today because I couldn't decide which one to use. I asked Jim to take some pictures of me playing with the kids. I hardly have any pictures of me with them since I am the picture taker in the family. So, here are my two favorite ones. Go over to Picture This to see others Best Shots for this week.

Fiona giving Mommy a kiss

Fiona likes to play with my necklace while she's nursing.


Blogger Amy said...

that's wonderful that you got some pictures of you WITH the kids. being the photographer in this family too, i know how that goes. ;)
both are such sweet images. love the interaction in them both. i'm a sucker for nursing baby/kid pics. what a great memory to have captured with the camera.


Blogger Melody said...

Darling photos and precious memories.

Why are mom's always the ones behind the camera?

Blogger Amy Jo said...

Very sweet! I finally got some pics with my son this weekend, too, thanks to a visit from my parents!

BTW, love your pink flowers! Miss Zoot rules!

Blogger christinator said...

Oh! So sweet! We Mamas are always behind the camera; it's wonderful to get some pictures of us with the babies. Precious memories preserved...

Blogger mollybeesmamma said...

I just love nursing pictures!!

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