Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Taking the Plunge
Yesterday I talked with a Realtor and a Mortgage Broker and started the process of buying a house. Our lease is up at the end of October, so now is a good time to start gearing up for it. We started doing this around this time last year, but we didn't have a good mortgage person (we met with her once and then never heard from her again). Plus, I was pregnant and my due date was really close to the time we would need to close and move. So, we decided to wait another year and now it is time.

I filled out the application for the pre-qualification yesterday and was on the verge of an anxiety attack the whole time. This is a huge leap for us and I am excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. The Realtor we are using is a friend of a friend, and he has a son the same age as Abhi. Abhi and his son have played together a few times, so I know him a little outside being a Realtor. He is a nice, laid back guy and I don't feel like he will put a lot of pressure on us like other realtors I have talked to. He recommended the Mortgage Broker, and after talking to him a little yesterday, I think this will really happen!

Wish me luck!!

And now....baby, drum, toddler, and crayons...yeah!


Blogger mollybeesmamma said...

Hey cool! Now just find a place in my neck o' the woods. Lemme know what you find out!

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