Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Halloween and Moving

We took Abhi trick-or-treating for the first time last night. She had lots of fun! We went with some friends who both had daughters close to Abhi's age, so it was a parade of almost-2 year olds. Abhi was a witch, her friend Marley was a ballerina, and her friend Phoenix was a fairy. We thought she would be scared of some of the houses we stopped at where the adults were dressed up. Some of the costumes were pretty scary looking and she just laughed at them like it was the funniest thing she ever saw!

Anyway, we are moving to a new apartment on Saturday so I have been packing like crazy. Jim hasn't been able to help pack because he's been working so much overtime. I don't mind since he will be the one to load and unload everything while I watch the kids. I will glad when it is all done. I hate all the chaos and disarray.

I am going back to work in 1 week. Sigh. However, I am in negotiations with another company for a position that pays more and will allow me to work from home most of the time! I really hope that comes through, we need the money and the kids wouldn't have to spend so much time at the babysitters.

Before I are couple pictures of the girlies....