Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Catching Up
Sorry for the lack of updates (I warned you!) but it has been crazy busy around here. We had fun at my parents house over the holiday weekend. Abhi loves her Grana, and didn't even want to stop and get a candy bar on the drive there. She just wanted to get there to see her Grana. My dad was also there all weekend, which was nice. He is currently training for the Texas Water Safari, which is a 262-mile canoe race. He is 69 years old and is going solo this year. He went on the very first race back in 1963, then took a 30 year break. Since 1993, he has been on the race almost every year. He has finished solo once before and set the record for the oldest person to finish. The next year, someone a few months older finished and he has been trying to reclaim his title ever since. The race starts June 9th, so send him some good thoughts!

Back to this weekend....

Abhi had a blast at my parents house and now calls my dad "my friend Grandad." Abhi is usually very shy around him since she doesn't really see him often. She found one of my old dolls laying around and immediately attached herself to it. The doll had a "broken" arm that needed to be sewed back on, so my dad got some needle & thread and had Abhi help him by holding the doll while he fixed the arm. After that, they were friends for life. She had been talking about Grandad's big red truck before we came, so he asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. She said yes, and then he asked her if she wanted Mama to go too. She said, no way, just her and Grandad (much to my surprise!).

Abhi also had her first real haircut this weekend. My mom and I took her to the mall, with her dolly Bella and a lollipop for moral support. She didn't touch the lollipop until after it was all over. She spent the entire time glaring in the mirror at the girl cutting her hair. At least she didn't have a screaming meltdown!

I had lots of fun taking pictures of the girls around my mom's beautiful flowers. Here are a couple of my favorites!

Fiona is chewing on a leaf. Oh God, that reminds me. Fiona ate her first bug this weekend. When we got there, she almost immediately crawled over to a dead roach and shoved it in her mouth (gag!). I was able to get most of it away from her, but later she was kinda gagging on something and I pulled a roach leg out of her mouth *shudder*. Ugh, at least my mom doesn't use poison in her house.

Anyway, back to the pictures....

And to wrap things up, here is a video of Fiona doing her latest "trick."

Night, night!


Blogger mollybeesmamma said...

Fiona is such a cutie. And I love that glaring Abhi pic! Poor thing.

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