Friday, May 04, 2007
Notes from the Midwide
I thought it would be fun to post the midwife's notes from Fiona's birth. They were really well done and she noted things that I didn't remember from the birth.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006
For several days Mary has been having warm up contractions. She told us that it wouldn't be long until the birth.

She didn't sleep well last night. She was having a hard time getting comfortable and falling back to sleep after the routine ups & downs of late pregnancy. In the morning she began having some different contractions and they started timing them around 10:30 on Sept. 6, 2006.

On Wednesday morning Mary did sleep between 2-5:30, then Jim had to be at work by 6 am and Abhi had school at 7:00. After that was done Mary was having & timing some mild irregular contractions.

11:30 am
She called us at 11:30 to let us know this was different. She kept in touch with Debra throughout the day as the contractions continued to get longer, stronger, and closer together.

5:00 pm
At this time Mary called to say that the contractions were getting stronger. They were about 10 minutes apart but sometimes 12 minutes. She asks that I come over now.

5:20 pm
I load the birth kit and head over. At this time Mary calls me to say that the contractions are strong now. I am almost there.

When I arrive I find Mary bouncing on the birth ball and she gives me a really big smile. Their home is all ready for the baby. Abhi is next door with friends and Mary and Jim are together working with this labor.

5:45 pm
Exam -

FHTs - 152
B/P - 120/76
Vitals - P=86, R=16
6 cm - ROA sutures felt, -1 station, waters intact

This labor is moving along. No bloody show. I call everyone to come because this will not take very long! Mary wants to get into the tub and we light some candles for a soft calming break. Mary baked chocolate chip cookies today white waiting for Fiona.

6:05 pm
FHT 136
Sheri here - continuing to set up.

6:15 pm
MariMikel here. We set up for the IV antibiotic. This is necessary for the Beta Strep.

6:20 pm
Aleah here.

7:20 pm
Mary out of the tub for IV. MariMikel gets IV in on 1st try. Contractions really strong now.

Exam - 9 1/2 cm almost complete - oh - complete. Mary can start to push.

7:23 pm
We do get the bag of antibiotic in right as Mary starts to push. Deb gets the IV out of her arm. Great pushing. Baby coming down fast.

7:30 pm
Water breaks during pushing - a small amount 1/2 cup of clear fluid. MariMikel & Sheri are helping Mary give birth.

7:33 pm
Baby girl born. Place baby on Mary's abdomen. She is beautiful. She takes her first breath with gusto! Beautiful spiral cord!

7:38 pm
Placenta born - very healthy - almost no blood loss! Mary has a very small tear. We will numb and stitch.

7:57 pm
Nursing. Great latch. Great nurser.

8:30 pm
We do the newborn exam. Abhi - big sister - comes home. Very sweet meeting. Mary & Jim give her a new dolly! Good idea. She squealed with joy! Mary is doing well. The couple is nursing well, resting. Jim is so happy it seems. We clean and pack and get ready to leave.

All is well and we are happy to have been a part of this birth. Thank you and may God bless this family.

10:00 pm
Midwives depart.


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