Sunday, June 10, 2007
Fiona is currently getting 4 teeth on the top and 2 teeth on the bottom. This is 6 teeth coming in. At the same time. Each spot where a tooth is trying to come in has a little blister. There has been lots of screaming, crying, and clinging to Mommy with very little sleep around here.

That is all for now. She is hanging on my leg, jumping up and down crying, so I have to go. More updates tomorrow when the kids are at the babysitter's.


Blogger Rob L. said...

This is when you need my great-grandmother's remedy from back in Italy: a handkerchief wrapped around a handful of poppy seeds.

But I guess the Texas Child Protective Services has some kind of anti-opiate policy. Oh well.

Hang in there, Fiona!

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